7:30 pm19:30


Halle St Michael’s
Jessica Gillingwater, mezzo soprano
Richard Stuart, narrator
Anthony Burgess  - Cello Sonata ‘for the dead 1939-45’
Arnold Schoenberg  - Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte 
David T Little  - and the sky was still there
Tim Wright  - The Bridge
Nigel Osborne  - Bosnian Voices

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7:00 pm19:00

Nottingham Philhamonic Orchestra

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
”Heroes & Adventures”
Our family concert this year will take you on an epic musical adventure to meet all your favourite heroes, both fictional and real-life, all depicted in fabulous music by John Williams, Elmer Bernstein, John Barry, James Horner, Elgar & Tchaikovsky.  We will meet high-tec superspies James Bond & Ethan Hunt in the themes from Goldfinger, Skyfall & Mission Impossible, swashbuckling Zorro from The Mask of Zorro, heroes from the wild west from The Magnificent Seven and Nottingham’s own legendary hero Robin Hood, as immortalised in Korngold’s Adventures of Robin Hood.  Real life heroes who fought in WWII will be remembered in Nimrod from Elgar’s Enigma Variations and Bernstein’s theme from The Great Escape.  No concert of heroic music would be complete without a selection of film scores by John Williams and our programme will include Princess Leia’s theme and the themes for Superman & Raiders of the Lost Ark.  All that plus Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture!

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